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Calendering means a process pressing plain (smooth) rolls to a product, for providing luster, improving the smoothness, adjusting the thickness and so on.

Provides luster; putting a gloss on surface of the products
Improves the smoothness; making level of surface of the products
Adjusting the thickness; compression and averaging the thickness of products

Types of calender process

calender Type

Steell roll / Elastic roll

Combination of steel roll and elastic roll (woolen paper,cotton,rubber etc). Useful for lustering and smoothing of papers, textiles and so on.

Steel / Steel

Steel roll / Steel roll

Combination of plural steel rolls. Useful for double-side heating ca1ender.

Highpr回sure calender

High pressure calender

High pressure calender up to 1000N/mm is indispensable to compressing of metal meshes, electrodes for batteries and capacitors etc.

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The structure of calender roll

The structure of calender roll

Elastic roll is used as calender roll,comparing to metal roll,elastic roll has an elastic property.
Elastic roll is composed of meterials such as woolen paper, cotton or special resin.
Elastic roll is made of elastic materials which are sliced shapes like doughnut, piled and compressed.

Structure of calender roll

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