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Embossing means a process pressing an embossing roll(engraved a pattern on its surface)to a product to improve a design and provide a function to it.

Improves the designs of the products; upgrade of appearance and texture
Provides the functions to the products; Thermal-bonding,bulking, cleating, anti-sticking, making holes etc.

Type of Embossing process

Embossing roll/Erastic roll

Embossing / Erastic

Embossing Roll / Erastic Roll

Combination of embossing roll and elastic roll(woolen paper,rubber etc.)Useful for embossing of shallow patterns on the surface of papers textiles films and so on.

Embossing / Steel rool.

Embossing Roll / Steel Roll.

Combination of embossing roll and steel roll(plain surface).
Useful for thermal-bonding of non-woven fabrics.

Both-side embossing

Embossing / Woolen paper roll

Embossing Roll / Woolen paper Roll

Coupling of embossing roll and woolen paper roll. Transferring the pattern of embossing roll to the surface of woolen paper roll, obtain a couple of the embossing pattern. Useful for embossing of deep pattern for papers. textiles, films and so on.

Embossing / Embossing (Steel match)

Embossing Roll / Embossing Roll(Steel match)

Coupling of embossing roll and embossing roll. The embossing patterns of two rolls are matching each other.Indispensable for bulking up of cushion sheets and embossing of steel plates.

Tip to tip

Tip to tip

Tip to tip

Coupling of two embossing rolls which have the same embossing pattern and in phase each other. This process provides the products which do not have a right and a wrong side.

Hole-making embossing

Hole-making embossing

Hole-making embossing

Combination of embossing roll engraved sharply and elastic roll. This process enables to make holes on films etc.

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Methods of engraving embossing rolls

There is three methods of engraving embossing rolls as follows, According to the shape,roughness,depth etc,of embossing pattern,engraving method is selected out.

Mill engraving

Typical method for engraving embossing rolls which use a mother roll called "mill" A mill is engraved by its prototype. called "die". Therefore, a die and an embossing roll have a same pattern. and a mill and embossed products have a mirror image of the embossing pattern. A die as a prototype is made by handwork or the special machine tools.

Etching(Photo engraving)

partially coating with light carable resin, corroding by etching make an embossing pattern on the roll surface.

Machine engraving

Typical method for engraving embossing rolls whick use high-precision CNC lathe, High-precision CNC lathe directly engraves embossing rolls according to computer software of embossing patterns, This is the newest method for engraving embossing, The following are strong points of this method.
・This method achieves high-precision engraving
・This method can engrave deep pattern in short term.
・This method can engrave part of roll's circumference.
・This method can engrave complicate 3D solid.
・This method can engrave coupling of two embossing rolls correctly.

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